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Digital 3D Video Files and Formats

There are several methods by which stereoscopic 3D video can be coded into computer video / digital video files (e.g. over/under, side-by-side, row-interleaved, anaglyph, etc). This page seeks to summarise technical information that is available, sources of programs for playback of digital 3D video files, and sources on the net of digital 3D video files.

Technical Information

* "Stereoscopic Player and Stereoscopic Multiplexer: a computer-based system for stereoscopic video playback and recording" by Peter Wimmer, presented at Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference 2005, published in Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XII, Proceedings of Electronic Imaging, SPIE Vol. 5664.
* "Guide to making your own digital stereo-video movies in DVD quality for playing on computers" by Michal Husak (1999)

Two conference papers of mine discuss digital 3D video files:
* "Stereoscopic Presentations - Taking the Difficulty out of 3D" by Woods, A., 6th International Workshop on 3-D Imaging Media Technology, Seoul, Korea, July 20-21, 2000.
* "A PC-based stereoscopic video walkthrough" by Woods, A.J., Offszanka, D. and Martin, G., Stereoscopic Displays and Applications X, San Jose, California, February 1999.

Programs for Playback of Digital 3D Video Files

Some 3D video files (e.g. those in the row-interleaved format) can be played back by any standard video playback software but some formats require special playback software...

* DepthQ Stereoscopic Media Server by Lightspeed Design Group
* Stereoscopic Player by Peter Wimmer
* VREX Depthcharge for the playback of VREX ".vrr" files

Sources of Digital 3D Video Files

* Stereopia Video-on-demand (Korea) (in Windows Media and MPEG row-interleaved formats).
* Sample 3D movies in above-below and row-interleaved formats from Michal Husak

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